La Pergola, A Temple of International Gastronomy


La Pergola, Rome’s most internationally renowned restaurant, boasts a famous rooftop garden that provides a stunning, panoramic view of the city’s eternal and harmonious charm. The atmosphere exudes elegance and tranquility with its plush carpets, fresh flowers, impressive paintings, and refined furniture. It’s no surprise that both Italians and guests from around the world are willing to wait months to experience the superb cuisine and impeccable service. The restaurant is timeless and discreet yet anticipatory of guests’ wishes, and requirements. Heinz Beck’s delicate cuisine, always Mediterranean in foundation, reaches extraordinary heights with bold, international styles. La Pergola offers two separate wine lists, one featuring Italian labels and the other from around the world, both with a selection of excellent rare and lesser-known labels curated by the talented sommelier, Marco Reitano.