Ischia, Italy

Ischia, Italy


Off the Amalfi coast lies the promised land. The magnetic and eclectic island of Ischia. Undoubtedly, the island is overshadowed by the glitz and glamour of nearby Capri. Known by Italians as “the green island”, Ischia has no shortage of healing thermal springs. Specifically, Nitrodi, the oldest spa in the world. The island is absolutely spa crazy. The beach clubs, the charming fishing villages and fragrant gardens are a short ferry ride from the hustle of Napoli. Sea, sun, sand and linguine frutti di mare. What more could you ask for?

The Small List

Best Hotels

Regina Isabella – The Regina Isabella was built in the 1950s in the charming village of Lacco Ameno d’Ischia. The hotel became a center of attraction for the international jet-set. Legendary figures such as Richard Burton, Elizabeth Taylor and Clark Gable all graced it with their presence. Today the glamorous resort delight guests with its beautiful architecture,  wellness spa and private beach.

Mezzatorre Hotel – Embraced by Pellicano Hotels, the Mezzatorre Hotel is located in the Northwest tip of Ischia above its own private bay. The castle is fascinating and ancient. The rooms are fresh with soulful beauty. The sea views sparkle from every window. It is always good to know the bar manager! Massimo Messina will prepare the perfect aperitif just for you.

Michelin Star Restaurants

Dani Maison – Chef Nino Di Costanzo has a passion for cooking. His mother and grandmother carefully passed on to him the traditional gastronomic values ​​of Campania. Now, the Two Michelin Star chef has created a technically sophisticated journey of flavors. The restaurant is located in an old home nestled in a whimsical and magical garden. Book the table in the kitchen where you can enjoy watching the chef at work. Truly, an unforgettable experience.

Indaco Restaurant – With its gourmet cuisine, the restaurant caters to the most demanding of tastes. It overlooks one of Ischia’s most attractive bays in Lacco Ameno. As a result, it takes its name from the indigo color of the water at twilight. The One Michelin Star restaurant delights guests with delicious fish and seafood dishes.

Best Restaurants with a View

Ristorante Emanuela – Undeniably, Emanuela’s is the best seafood restaurant on the island of Ischia. In addition, the restaurant is situated in Sant’Angelo on a beautiful terrace with spectacular views. Take a water taxi and enjoy the sea. Do not miss the Linguine Emanuela!

Ristorante dal Pescatore – Situated in the heart of Sant’Angelo in Ischia, this long standing family business has delighted guests for over 50 years. Dal Pescatore is located in the charming Piazzetta at the little fishing port. The cuisine is excellent, traditional and characteristically Mediterranean.

La Grotta da Fiore – An inviting destination at the top of Mount Epomeo, the mountain that dominates the island of Ischia. La Grotta is a quaint, casual, family restaurant. To reach La Grotta on foot, follow Via Militare. The final part of the hike is a mule track which passes through typical vegetation of Ischia. After hiking to the top, enjoy the breathtaking 360° view and the best bruschetta on the island.

Umberto a Mare – Since 1936 this family operated restaurant remains dedicated to serving good food in one of the most beautiful settings with a sea view. Above all, the local cuisine is traditionally inspired. The food and wine journey is a unique experience.

Pane e Vino – A perfect destination in the port for delicious food and wine. Casual with beautiful views and a very charming host. Undoubtedly, the perfect spot to enjoy an aperitif while waiting for your ferry to arrive. Telefono: +39 081 991046

Il Delfino – Il Delfino is a restaurant located along the seafront in Lacco Ameno. It is a great place to watch the world go by. The fish is fresh. The marina is beautiful and the famous mushroom-shaped rock, of course, commands your attention. Telefono: +39 081 900252

Best Restaurant for Coniglio all’Ischitana

Il Focolare –  Located in the hills of Cretaio on the green island of Ischia, between Casamicciola and the village of Fiaiano, Il Focolare is the perfect resting place for hikers. The specialty of the family restaurant is a typical wild local rabbit dish with tomatoes, garlic and herbs called coniglio all’ischitana. The bustling atmosphere is warm and cheerful.

“Stanley Tucci: Searching for Italy”

Things to Do

Nitrodi – The oldest spa in the world is a paradise of healing waters, panoramas and aromatic plants. The thousand year old spring water is truly a natural cure-all. Its composition makes it ultra-effective in the healing of many skin conditions. Furthermore, the park is exclusive and frequented by locals, not tourists.

Climb Mount Epomeo – The ascent to Mount Epomeo is definitely an experience not to be missed for those who visit, live or love the island of Ischia.

Ischia Port
Castello Aragonese d'Ischia
Regina Isabella in Lacco Ameno
Lacco Ameno
Casamicciola Terme
La Grotta da Fiore
Casamicciola Terme
La Grotta da Fiore
La Grotta da Fiore
Serrara Fontana
Regina Isabella
Banana Beach at Sant'Angelo
Dani Maison
Dani Maison
Riva Lounge at Dani Maison
Dani Maison
View from Restaurant Emanuela
Nino Di Costanzo
Dani Maison
Isola di Procida
Piazza Santa Restituta in Lacco Ameno
A view from Mezzatorre
Ristorante dal Pescatore in Sant'Angelo