Capri, Italy



Capri is one of the most picturesque and charming locations in the Mediterranean. Its unspoiled beauty, rugged landscape, designer boutiques, and custom leather sandals have attracted rulers and Hollywood legends for centuries. The dramatic coastline draws yachts from around the world. The grottos and coves are magnificent. The beautiful and brilliantly colored bougainvillea are picturesque.

The Small List

Best Hotels

Grand Hotel Quisisana  – Just steps from Capri town’s central Piazzetta, this iconic five star hotel continues to be the favorite of politicians and poets, royalty and rockstars since it opened in 1845. Today, it remains glamorous and luxurious!

J.K. Place – One of the few hotels on Capri with a prime location on the water’s edge. The J.K. Place is a five star award winning posh hotel. The ultra white with navy blue accents give it a super cool and contemporary feel. Join them on the terrace for a Signature J.K. Cocktail. Above all, it is perfect any time of the day.

Mamela Hotel – The Mamela is one of the oldest hotels on the island of Capri and yet one of the newest. The Mamela is a classic hotel that reveals a modern soul with an enchanting new infinity pool that flows towards the sea.

La Minerva Capri – The Minerva has a unique and chic interior design.  The contemporary decor blends classic elements of island architecture with artisan crafted ceramics and picturesque views. Located in a quiet spot just a few steps from the famous Piazzetta.

Best Restaurants

Da Paolino – Under the lemon trees where the branches are so thick, Paolino opened a simple little restaurant. A nearby vineyard produces the wine for the restaurant. Surely, romantic, gorgeous and delicious!

Aurora – One of Capri’s oldest restaurants where the best of Mediterranean cuisine is served in a large dining room. The splendid veranda overlooks the historical Fuorlovado street. A pinch of creative flair is added to the traditional Neapolitan and Caprese dishes. And a sprinkle of originality places the Aurora among the most exclusive restaurants on the island. Aurora is also a popular haunt of celebrities visiting the island.

L’Olivo Restaurant – A charming and cozy stage for a two Michelin star Mediterranean cuisine located at Capri Palace. Experience a journey of flavors at this exclusive dining retreat which also takes over the Mont Cervin Hotel in St. Moritz in winter.

Terrazza Brunella – From the front row at the top of Villa Brunella, view the Marina Piccola and the bobbing boats offshore. The magic of Capri comes straight to your table, with Capri’s traditional cuisine served with a spectacular view.

Villa Verde – A charming location near the Piazzetta, Villa Verde is situated on a romantic outdoor terrace in the center of a garden. The Mediterranean Cuisine is an explosion of flavors and colors.

Best Snacks and Light Lunch

Gran Caffè R. Vuotto – Relax and watch the world go by from morning to midnight in the Piazzetta Square. Furthermore, it’s the perfect spot to take a break and savor the island’s La Dolce Vita atmosphere.

Best Beach Clubs

La Fontelina – The only beach club where you can relax on a sun lounger opposite the Faraglioni before taking a dip in the brilliant blue Mediterranean Sea. Classy and refined. Certainly, a perfect day you’ll never forget!

Da Luigi ai Faraglioni – Savor authentic island specialties while enjoying a dramatic view of the Faraglioni. At Ristorante Da Luigi, fresh fish and seafood are their specialty.

Lido del Faro – Along the coastline in the shadow of the Punta Carena lighthouse in Anacapri, one of the most beautiful spots on the island, Lido del Faro is a beach club where you can sunbathe until dusk. The restaurant offers delicious light lunch options and a traditional sunset “aperitivo” with cocktails and finger food served directly to your sun lounger. And the service is second to none.

Best Ice Cream

Gelateria Buonocore Capri – It’s always the right time to eat ice cream in Capri. Buonocore is famous for its gelato and warm artisanal waffle cones. Their location is historic and the sweet aroma will stop you in your tracks. Every day is extra special with Buonocore!

Best Nightclub

Taverna Anema e Core – A real tribute to the Italian lifestyle. Every evening is unique. Music is the entertainment and the live shows are always full of multiple instruments. Dance and sing on the tables or perform with the band. In short, it is an obligatory stop for those who want to fully immerse themselves in an unforgettable night.

Best Gym

Athena Gym – Athena Gym is all about fitness. It is the perfect stop on your way to the Faraglioni for weightlifting, cardio training and boxing.

Best Wine Shop

La Capannina Piu – This lovely enoteca and gourmet shop is the first on Capri. The shop boasts decorative ceramics, fine gourmet food items, and, of course, amazing wines.

Things to See

The Faraglioni – Capri’s most iconic sight is, of course, the dramatic Faraglioni, three towering rock formations which jut out from the Mediterranean just off the island’s coast.

Things to Do

Villa Lysis – After a pleasant hike uphill towards Mount Tiberio, Villa Lysis is one of the best hidden jewels of the island. The extraordinary Villa overlooks the sea with breathtaking views of the Marina Grande and the Gulf of Naples.

Gardens of Augustus – The Gardens of Augustus is within easy reach of the Piazzetta. After a pleasant walk the Gardens of Augustus offer stunning views of Marina Piccola bay with its crystal clear waters. In addition, the views of the spectacular Via Krupp and the Faraglioni Rocks from the point suspended over the sea is superb.

Canfora  A favorite of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Canfora has been hand-crafting traditional Capri sandals for three generations. Today, they still custom create each pair by hand for their customers using only the highest quality Italian materials. After all, wear a piece of island history.

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Capri, Italy
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Capri, Italy
Capri, Italy
Capri, Italy
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