The Blue Grotto


The entrance process to the Blue Grotto is unique due to its natural formation and limited accessibility. Here’s a general overview of the entrance process:

  1. Boat Ride: Visitors usually reach the Blue Grotto by boat. There are two main options: private boats or rowboats operated by licensed local rowers. Private boats can be hired from the Marina Grande in Capri or from other nearby coastal towns.
  2. Queueing and Waiting: Once you arrive near the Blue Grotto, you’ll typically join a queue of boats waiting for their turn to enter the cave. The wait time can vary depending on the season and the number of visitors.
  3. Boarding the Rowboat: When it’s your turn, you’ll transfer from your larger boat to a smaller rowboat, typically manned by a skilled rower who is familiar with navigating the cave’s entrance.
  4. Entrance and Fee Payment: As you approach the entrance of the Blue Grotto, you’ll need to lie down on the rowboat’s floor to pass through a low and narrow opening. This process ensures that you don’t hit your head on the cave’s entrance. You may need to temporarily hold your breath during this maneuver. After entering the cave, the rower will collect the entrance fee, which is paid in cash.
  5. Inside the Blue Grotto: Once inside, you’ll be enchanted by the magical ambiance. The sunlight entering through an underwater cavity illuminates the cave with a captivating blue glow. The rower will expertly maneuver the boat, allowing you to appreciate the shimmering azure waters and the cave’s unique formations.

It’s worth noting that sea conditions and tides can affect the accessibility of the Blue Grotto. During periods of high waves or rough seas, the entrance may be temporarily closed for safety reasons.

Remember to check the local regulations, weather conditions, and operating hours before planning your visit to the Blue Grotto, as the process and availability may be subject to change.