New York City And Rome – Get Your City Fix!

Autumn in the Big Apple and the Eternal City

Two glamorous destinations where people from all over the world dream to discover and to be discovered. New York and Rome, both vibrant and charming, have something for every taste and every traveler. During this magical season, Rome and New York are tinged with glorious and warm autumn colors. Exciting to visit any time of year, fall is ideal to marvel at the many sites after the summer heat. We have some inspiring ideas for you to experience these destinations like a savvy local.

New York, New York

Home to the worlds best restaurants, museums, art galleries, concert halls, boutiques and more, Manhattan is The City That Never Sleeps! If you can dream it, it’s happening in NYC, a global powerhouse full of excitement and eye candy for all. Sexy and irresistible…If you can make it there, you can make it anywhere!


Rome, Italy

Rome, the capital of Italy and The Eternal City, was clearly not built in a day! The city is glorious, awe inspiring and vibrant with grand romantic ruins, opulent statues and ornate, beautiful fountains and monuments to explore. Rome’s streets and piazzas are lined with the greatest al fresco settings for unforgettable dining and wine tasting experiences.