How Travel Lifts Your Mood, Health And Spirits

Are you on top of your routine schedule? Or does your routine schedule topple you? The longer you stay in the work cycle without a break, the more you deaden your sense of self and spirit. The miracle antidote? A restorative vacation to break out from the rat wheel of routine for a while.

However, the prospect of actually getting away from the daily grind seems a bit out of bounds for you. Office colleagues turn to you too much. Clients annoyingly touch base with you every day. Tasks are stacking up high and you just can’t seem to keep up without working a weekend here and there. Your spouse is upset with you and is clamoring for a vacation. However, contrary to his wishes, you’re quickly turning into a workaholic.

Consider and ponder the following reasons why a restorative vacation is good for your body, mind and spirit; why dropping work and actually tapping into your vacation days is not only a splendid idea, but absolutely vital if you want to live a happier life of meaning.

Weekend Getaways Do The Trick

A simple, weekend getaway can be more restorative than a long, well-planned, expensive trip. However, the decision to escape your town on a weekend may require overcoming a mental obstacle, which can be tough to jump over in some cases. It all comes down to how you estimate the value of taking a weekend jaunt. Sometimes, whether you’re a recovering addict scared of breaking a home life routine, or a resolute workaholic clinging to work, embracing the idea of vacationing in the first place may require some getting used to.

Once the obstacle has been cleared, however, and you earnestly begin desiring to take time off to recharge your batteries, you’ll be on a surer mental ground to start organizing the vacation you truly need. Step number one? Going on weekend travel trips, just to start.

Travel Boosts Your Mental Health

Researchers have positively linked travel to a calmer mind, enlivened spirits and more creative thinking. Discovering new places, taking in new sights, trying different customs and chowing down on eclectic cuisine, not only expands your interests, it gently calms any incessant whirring of the brain, while boosting your mental health in general.

You’ll find yourself glowing with satisfaction and tranquility as a result. Indeed, undertaking activities such as recording your thoughts down in a journal, picnicking, meditating, playing an outdoor sport, swimming in an ocean or pool, or signing up for a spa day are all activities you can do to fully savor your time off.

Banning Work While Vacationing

Be sure to stifle any urge to check work-related voice messages, email, etc., while on vacation. Having trouble doing just this? Ask your travel mates to help you chuck work out the window as you aim to rest, recover and replenish your spirits. Traveling by yourself? Travel to a dog-friendly nature park with your pet in tow. Playing with her outside, in a remote place far away from civilization, will enliven both your spirits and deepen the owner-pet bond already existing between the both of you.

The Takeaway

Going on a restorative vacation is similar to resting and rebooting a computer – all the mind jumbles and spinning thoughts melt away as you take on a fresher, calmer, clearer-headed perspective of things and life. Vacationing is so powerful, some people believe it ought to be considered as a therapeutic prescriptive for addiction treatment programs. So tap into the powerful effects of vacationing and do your best to break away from day-to-day routine life for either a short, or long, pleasant trip. Your mind, body and spirit will be grateful for the decision!